Aloysian Boys Home


The Aloysian Boys Home is a rehabilitation centre at Someshwar, Kotekar near Mangalore, started by the St Aloysius College, in 1981 as a part of its centenary projects.

The Home caters to two kinds of children:

1. Delinquents who are usually sent to a state correction home. Without the personal touch and affection, these children find it difficult to change to a new life. We take some of them and give them a quasi home atmosphere to rehabilitate them. The Government has officially recognised our Home as a Fit Person Institute and sends children to us for rehabilitation.

2. Destitutes are children whose parents are dead or are separated and have abandoned their children.

We have together around 115 children belonging to both categories. The majority of the children are boys but we also take a few girls to give them a family atmosphere.

The Children  are housed in 10 cottages each having around 9 to 12 children. Each Cottage is under the care of a house mother.

Nuns In the Convent

Sr. Ida Mathias
Sr. Prathima D'silva
Sr. Jecinth Mathias
Sr. Precilla Andrade
Sr. Mary Grace Joseph

Aloysian Boys Home
Kotekar 574 152

Telephone; 0824  2467068
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Director:Fr Leo D’'Souza
Manager: Sr Albert D’Silva

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Week days
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