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Nirmala Convent - St. Sebastian Church Permannur

Nirmala Convent



Nirmala Convent was established on 6th of December 1962. It belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Bartholomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa. Mr. Felix Pai Albuquerque, the father late Sister Felix Albuquerque,( a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity ) donated the land to start the Nirmala Social Center with the objective of reaching out to the needy. This Community was erected with four sisters to fulfill the wish of late Mr. Felix Pai Albuquerque. Over 50 years, the center has grown and fulfilled its objectives. It has been giving relief and new life to hundreds of people. At present the center takes care of 85 inmates in various categories.


There is a well set up nursery school for the children of the locality. Children are admitted irrespective of cast and creed, and are prepared for admission to L.K.G. they are trained with social and spiritual values.

Nirmala Health Care Center  

With a need for making available medical services to the economically backward and to those suffering from malnutrition and various ailments, the  Nirmala Health Care Center took up the challenge of providing quality medical care services at a reasonable cost. It attached with a laboratory, provides facility for treatment to out – patients, maternity and needy cases are admitted. A Sister doctor, visiting pediatricians, Staff nurses, laboratory technicians help to run the Nirmala Health Care Center.

Health care helpers training center.            

The center conducts one and half years health care helpers training course. This course is open only to the ladies. Eligibility is either PUC passed or failed. Trainees are given alround learning experience besides training health care. This course helps them to assist in hospitals and earn their livelihood.

Training center for Embroidery

Nirmala Social Welfare Center takes care of economically backward young girls, school drop-outs, those in moral danger or any difficulty and train them to live a dignified life. It is a residential course of 3 years. They are given stipend during this period. Besides training them in a trade, they are given classes on value education, first aid, sex education and home remedies. Group dynamics and talent display help them to develop their personality. Every religion is given due respect and trainees are helped to grow in their respective faith and taught to love God and neighbor.

Tailoring Course            

A course of six months of duration in tailoring and craft is offered to young girls in the center. Variety of crafts like fashion designs , glass paintings, flower making, knitting woolen articles, sand painting and making best out of waste etc… Trainees are helped to grow in their respective faith and taught to love God and neighbor.

Senior Citizen’s Home            

This facility is available on payment. Those who enter this portals of Nirmala Social Welfare Center, in the evening of their life, fall in love with the peaceful surroundings and feel quite at home and happy with the service that is rendered with love and personal interest.   

Nuns In the Convent

Sr Sheila
Sr Zeena
Sr Aurora
Sr Shanthi
Sr Fiorella
Sr Milena
Sr Mangala
Sr Maurizia
Sr Monthi
Sr Inez
Sr Wilma Maria
Sr. Blanch
Sr. Lenita
Sr. Alexia
Sr. Wilma Asha
Sr. Ermana
Sr. Donata
Sr. Diomira
Sr. Anselma
Sr. Olga
Sr. Veera
Sr. Dominica
Sr. Erica
Sr. Felice


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07:30 AM
09:30 AM
11:00 AM
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Week days
06:30 AM