Day of Businessmen - 2017

Day of Businessmen - 2017

St Sebastian Church, in its centenary jubilee program celebrated the Day of Businessmen - 2017, on 23rd July  at St Sebastian P.U. Hall. At 6:00 pm the Stage programme untied its curtain. On the dais Very Rev. Fr J. B. Saldanha Parish Priest as president of the programme, Mr Roy Castelino, Mr Ronald Gomes, Rev Fr Edwin Mascarenhas Principal P.U. College, Fr Stany Pinto And Fr Lizel D’Souza Asst PP, Rev Sr Carmine Misquith BS Superior Bethel Convent, Rev Sr Emma Joseph Superior Nirmal Convent, Mr Melwyn C. D’Souza Vice-president and Mr Ronald Fernandes Secretary of Parish Pastoral Council, Mr Demetrius D’Souza and Mr Joslin D’Souza Centenary Jubilee Committee.
Rev Fr Edwin Mascarenhas appreciated the business men and asked them to be supportive each other. Mr Roy Castelino shared his business life and called to be innovative and to be sincere in business. Mr Gomes appreciated the venturing of women in the business line. He also shared his business life and called to be new thinkers in the smart business. Rev Fr Dr J. B. Saldanha spoke and wished well the participants and appreciated the contribution spirit and love towards the church mission. It witnessed felicitating 180 business men on the one platform. Mr Stany D’Souza gave response on behalf of the felicitated and thanked the organizers and shared his development in the business life. Mr Demertius D’Souza welcomed the gathering and introduced the guests. Mr Melwyn C. D’Souza thanked all. Mr Ronald Fernandes compared the program. Choir members led the prayer song and P.U. Students welcomed the gathering by Classical dance. Evening ended with fellowship meal.  

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