Society of St.Vincent de Paul (SVP)

Blessed Frederick Ozanam- The founder of our Society .He was a law student started this society with a group of seven members. It all started with the epidemic of Cholera which spread throughout Paris killing around 1200 people a day. He used to help the infected people on his way to the college and thus this society started with a small step.

The adult wing of the SSVP permannur was started by the late Fr. Piyad d’souza in the year 1933 and the founding member was late Mr. Stephen d’souza. The society was started with only 6 members then. Today we have over 40 members. The founding member was Mr. Maxim D’souza. Today he serves in the adult wing and he is also the President of the Permannur Area Council.

 The SSVP youth wing in our parish was started in the year 1999. It was the first ever SSVP youth unit in the Mangalore diocese. Its been 14 years since the youth have been serving in the SSVP. We conduct our Youth meetings separately for the first 3 weeks and then on the 4th Sunday we sit along with our senior members and discuss our plans and the work we’ve done in the past three weeks. We celebrate each and every members’ birthday in our meetings.Along with our meetings and visits we conduct adoration once in a month. Every Sunday we visit the homes of the poor, sick and the needy. Whenever there is a death in our parish, we visit the families of the dead and console & pray for them.

We get a lot of written appeals asking for help. In order to know the actual condition of these people we visit their homes and study their problems  and then we help them according to their needs.

Mass Timing
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Week days
06:30 AM